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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Its started....

We have started POTTY TRAINING!! We started on Monday and it has gone pretty well.

 We got this chart a while ago from a coloring book about potty training and she LOVES it! We were home all day today which is why she went on the potty every time. Girl has some serious bladder control she holds it until the very last moment. I take her diaper off right when she wakes up and she wont pee until noon or one!!! I don't ask her if she has to go until I can tell she needs to then I suggest we go to the bathroom and she leads the way! I am so proud of her. We started off with her little portable potty but she really didn't like it at all. When I got out the little seat for the toilet she was totally comfortable sitting up there! I was very surprised. We had two accidents today, one was just a teensy bit and the other she straight up peed on the floor ha! It was past bedtime so I think that is why. 

AND Laney has a freshly painted bathroom to start using!!!!

This is the bathroom before. I hated the color! That border is awful!!! They painted everything that mint color, the towel bar, the baseboards even the vent in the ceiling. It was quite silly. 

 I loooove the purple it is so fun and vibrant. I love color but in my opinion the only acceptable room to paint bright purple is the bathroom:) I am so so so glad we did! We do have a shower curtain but I am washing it and am too lazy to go grab it out of the dryer....Caleb painted the whole bathroom, baseboards, towel bar, vanity, and the mirror:)

 That mirror is my favorite! It was gold and the vanity was dark brown (blech) and we lightened it up and made it all white:) We really want a new vanity and sink but it is not a main priority right now.

The lights under the vanity are my favorite part:) I use the bathroom A LOT at night and I hate turning on the light so my sweet husband installed lights under the sink so:)

Have a wonderful Wednesday night! 

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