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Friday, February 11, 2011

Crazy week!

I have had a crazy busy week! I have an apartment! It happened so fast, I knew that the complex had one available that I wanted and they would not have one again until April. We didn't want to wait that long since we would have to move back to his parents house for a month after Caleb came home, and that would be too much moving Laney around so we just decided to go for it. I walked in said I wanted the one they had available and he showed it to me and I went home and Caleb and I applied online and signed the lease online! It was so fast I cant believe we really have it! We are so excited, we get the keys on the 23rd but we are going to wait until Caleb gets home to move in. I am so happy with the way it has worked out we can have everything moved in by the time Caleb gets home.

I met with a caterer(sp?) today, I REALLY liked them! We scheduled a tasting and I cant wait! I also got my wedding favors today ahhhhhhhh so excited but im not telling its a surprise! muahahaha

oh ya and it might be this really cool awesomely awesome girls birthday today............................
I love this girl so much! She is the funniest, sweetest, strongest, most kind hearted girl I know! Every year we get closer and I love it so much! I love you so much Maddy I am so proud of the girl you have become and I cant wait for the many more years to come!

Laney and I took some silly pictures in the car in carpool line the other day:)

 I love this little goofy gal!
 She is playing with one of her taggies that her aunt made her and she has the WHOLE tag in her mouth hehehe
We sent this one to Caleb she is smiling like that because she wanted my phone that I was taking the picture with hahahaha its such a cute little smirk:)


Caleb said...

that still is such an awesome picture. you definitely got the wallpaper with that one :)

Anonymous said...

i love you so much katy!! thank you i had the best birthday ever!! i couldnt of asked for a better family than you guys

ninnifur said...

that is such a cute picture!! love the smirk!!


C.P said...

I MISSS YOU GUYS A PANT LOAD, i am so excited to hear everything is going great. laney is growing up so fast, i miss her little toes. :( Maddy i hope you had a happy birthday. love you.