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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Old Pictures!

I just found these pictures on my moms computer. They are from the day before I got induced!

My grandma Ali, me and my mom! I look so swollen! my face is huge!!!!!!!!!!!

My Uncle Wee!

Caleb and I looking sexy! I think my eyes were swollen shut in this one. We left from here and went straight to the hospital!


Caleb said...

That was such an intense day, we were freaking out so much lol. I remember falling asleep and laying in the hospital and remembering that it was the last night before our train was born :)

ninnifur said...

even with a swollen face you look amazing!!! THat was a crazy day! And the next morning when I was like "wake up caleb... she is 4 cm dialated" and he thought it was a dream!! lol. You and your crazy quick labor.. lol