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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

sick babe:(

So last night I was laying in bed before i went to sleep and I thought "I want some cuddle time with Laney" she is always looking around and moving around not much time for cuddling. When she woke up this morning I brought her into my bed to nurse like I usually do and we both fell asleep for THREE more hours! That never happens ever and we were both really hot, i knew right away something was wrong. So I took her temperature and poor baby had a fever:(

I gave her some Tylonel and we just laid around all day. We watched a movie and she slept on me it was very sweet, I got my cuddle time I just wish she was feeling better:(

{photos by Jenny} 
She felt better after the Tylonel kicked in
{photos by Jenny} 
but it didnt last long:(

We were iced in again today, and school is cancelled tomorrow too!
 {photos by Jenny}
Maddy has been sick since last Wednesday so she was catching up on homework, Lane was hanging in the chair and I'm by the fireplace of course:)

{photos by Jenny}
 Maddy played on the ice today:)
{photos by Jenny}
She rode her bike ON TOP of the snow it was too funny!

{photos by Jenny}
Then she fell bahahahaha (she was not hurt: p)
{photos by Jenny}


ninnifur said...

Oh please let this comment post... It will be the 5th time I have tried to comment on your blog!!! Poor sick gil.. I hope she feels better soon!!

Caleb said...

That first picture made me tear up!! I miss you guys soooo much, and I love these updates. Keep up your blogging beautiful it helps me get through the week! Kiss laney for me. I love you two.


CR said...

Yea Katy, something is up with your comment section!! I have tried to leave comments on all of your posts! Boo bad comment thingy!! :) I wish we could have all been snowed in together!! :( We were all by our lonesome, just us 2 girls. David was called in to work every day. Hope Laney is feeling better!!