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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Laney Love

I took Laney to the doctor yesterday since it was the third day with a fever. They did a strep test(which was the most horrible thing in the world i had to hold her arms and head still) it was negative but they are treating her for it anyway since she is showing all the symptoms and she was exposed to it. She is taking an antibiotic and is doing so much better already!

I went out to dinner with my step-sister for her 21st last night. My mom, gma, and Maddy watched Laney for me and they even got her to bed! Caleb and I are the only ones who have put her to bed expect maybe one time, I was very impressed:) She woke up every two hours last night though:( so the girls let me sleep an extra hour this morning which I am so grateful for!!! (greatful?grateful?) For getting no sleep last night this is the best I have felt all week. I have been taking two naps a day!

In wedding news the date is set! July 9, 2011! Annnnnnnnnd I have my wedding dress! but i cant talk about becuase Caleb reads this muahahahahahah

We are getting MORE SNOW on top of the ice. Most people are pissed about this but it doesn't make a difference to me:) Lane and I have no where to go anyway! By the way I have NO photography skills at all! This is from my blackberry aka Laneys favorite toy


Caleb said...

Baby you got mad photography skills!!

Jennifer said...

That's so awesome that you have a date for your wedding now! I'm sooo happy for you & your beautiful little family! :-) Miss you!
~Jennifer Dougherty (Paxson)