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Thursday, November 1, 2012


I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe Halloween! We had such a fun time. It was the first Halloween that Laney got to spend with her dad:) 
On Saturday we went to Zoo Boo. Laney wasn't feeling well but we still had a good time. She has been begging to ride a carasoul, when she saw it at the zoo she bent down and started clapping her hands it was so damn cute to see her so excited:)

She was so done by the time we were trying to leave I had to carry her all the way in a fluffy costume and she refused to hold on so my mom tied her scarf around us like a sling. It helped but I was too afraid of ripping her scarf!!

All of the pictures are from my iPhone and are super crappy but I still love them!!

I was trying to take a picture of her with her pumpkin she painted but she kept creeping further and further up the stairs ha! We are painting our kitchen so it is primed right now it usually doesn't look like that!

I made her a pumpkin shaped honey and peanut butter sandwich ) it doesn't really look like a pumpkin....maybe and apple?

FREAKING OUT about all the loot dad brought home to pass out!

Caleb had been at work all day and finally got home a little after six and put his Steve costume on and was ready to go! He is such a good dad:) I know he was wiped out from the day and his cold but he didn't complain he was so happy to be with Laney on Halloween!

OYE! I love these two people so much!!!

Girl held her daddy's hand the whole time. I was..... ya know dancing and singing embarrassing Halloween songs in front of them the whole time hahaha! Poor Laney and Caleb. In my defense their were not people around when I sang!

I love this:) Crouching down with dad

Zoned out watching Its a Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown snacking on her candy:)

This was my ghost costume, I had two black eyes on it but completely forgot to take a picture of myself!

November 1st marks the first day of NaBloPoMo!! Anyone else participating?

Have a sweet Thursday night:)

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Shareen said...

You are so so so unbelievable. I love reading about you and your darling family. Love you so much.