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Saturday, December 3, 2011

I have been swallowed

Does that sound dirty? Its not supposed to. I have been swallowed by my apartment. Yesterday my wonderful sister Jenny said to me "I think you guys have out grown this apartment" and it hit me. Oh shit we totally have. We have too much stuff, I have tried cramming stuff into every closet onto shelves but there is just too much. I know that my parents would store my stuff for me but I don't want them to I want my stuff with me so I can use it when I want to. It is exhausting trying to keep this place clean and organized because their is not enough room for it!! I know that people enjoy living more simply but damn it I am 22 recently married and I like my stuff! I am not a hoarder I am very good at getting rid of clothes I don't wear and stuff I dont use. (I may possibly hoard Laneys stuff but I just cant help it! They have too many memories that this little heart cant bear to get rid of) I like our apartment to look uncluttered but it is nearly impossible! right now our room is a shit hole with all my crafting stuff, a mini fridge, a queen size mattress topper and all of the gifts I have bought! I cant have all of the dishes clean at the same time becuase their is not enough room! I cant have all of my clothes clean either or I have to put them on the floor in my closet!

I apologize that this post is whiny but I have some stuff to get off my chest! I could desperately use a linen closet! Did I mention my apartment is 950 square feet? ya, tiny. Boy oh boy this place just swallowed me whole and I don't know what  I am going to do.

I hope you have an uncluttered Saturday!


ninnifur said...

It's not whiny!! Plus it's your blog... You write what you want!!! Im sorry I brought it to your attention that you have outgrown your place!!! You can stay at my place if you want! You know I'm never there! That's a good idea actually... You staying there after your lease is up and paying less rent!!!

JenniferD said...

Have you seen my apartment lately?! Talk about crowded with stuff and not very organized!! LOL - we both need houses for our little families! Hopefully not too far from each other either!! :-)