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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tuesday randoms

I did not post Sunday with the photo challenge pictures but I am going to do the rest this Sunday. I have been busy and sleepy!! I have about a million things to make right now such as: stockings, Christmas gifts, and ornaments for Lanes advent calender:)

I got both the girls down for a nap today at the same time!! Wooooo! So now that I am not breastfeeding I am having an overwhelming feeling to have another baby! When I really think about it I don't want another one yet. I want us to be more financially stable and Laney to be a little older. I like having my one baby. Last night Caleb Laney and I were snuggling on the couch and I decided I want that to last longer I don't want to add another baby just yet. Even though I ask Laney everyday if she wants a brother or sister hahaha and when I see pregnant women I long to be there too. It will just have to wait and it will be worth it!

Yesterday Caleb, Laney and I went to the mall to play in the little kids play place. It was sooooo cute!!!! I loved watching her interact with other kids and running around playing with all the toys! I cant wait for her to go to preschool just so she can play with other kids:)

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Have a sweet Tuesday!

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Caleb said...

I tell Laney every day that Mom is only joking when she says these things. And that she obviously wont receive her Brother or Sister from the Stork until shes 5!