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Monday, December 19, 2011

Im here!

The last time I posted was December 6th that is just sad. I want to write everyday:) I know it wont happen just yet but I am going to try. This month has been so busy! My google reader has 577 unread blogs! I hate when that happens. We were in Michigan this past weekend and had a wonderful time! We had the Schindler Christmas on Saturday night, it was gorgeous it lightly snowed, it looked so romantic:) The Christensen Christmas was on Sunday which was also a lot of fun! We were at a clubhouse that overlooked a lake it was very beautiful. We did a white elephant at both Christmas's which is always funny. We ended up with a 38 piece set of Tupperware, that my sweet husband got for me:), a bracelet, a vase and a micro brewery. It was a good turnout! I love seeing all of Calebs family I wish we all lived in the same state:( But that would mean I would have to move to MI and I would miss MY family way way too much!

I am almost done Christmas shopping:) I have a lot of people to buy for and I like to make stuff so it takes me a while to finish:/ I didn't make as much stuff this year which kinda sucks but my stress level has been down so that's a plus.

We got our Christmas cards done and are going to send them out hopefully tomorrow!
hahahahaha Caleb is going to kill me for putting this up! hahaha but Laney looks too funny:)

Have a cheery Monday evening:)

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