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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Rabbit Rabbit

Its the first day of December! Did you guys say rabbit rabbit today?!? I did, but I had already spoken :/ Laney started her advent calender today. She was not too sure about it but she had just woken up and I was trying to distract her so she wouldnt want to nurse. By the way we are doing better today. I am not in as much pain.
This is Laners snowman who resembles a duck :) The eyes were done with a french knot which I was super intimidated by but once I did it its super easy:) I am going to make her another ornament tonight not sure what it will be. A star, Santa, who knows what I will decide! I am quite tired tonight and I need to make a tutu. Bleh I dont know what I will do I just want to sit on my booty and watch tv! Roar enough of me complaining I will update tomorrow with my next ornament!

Have a super duper Thursday night!

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