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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

27 weeks

I am 27 weeks today! HOLY CRAP! This has been such a quick pregnancy. My belly has grown so much in the last few weeks its wild! My sweet sweet husband got me a pregnancy pillow for Christmas! Sleeping is no problem now that I have the pillow:) I am pretty sure I have  mentioned before how much I don't like sleeping on my side but with the pillow I can wrap it around my shoulder and tuck it right up against my body so I don't move at all! Its wonderful. We had such a busy schedule the week and weekend before Christmas that the only time he had to go shopping was after he got off work on Christmas Eve. Toys r us closed one hour after he got off and he had to be at my dads house as soon as he could. It was pretty hectic for him! I truly have a wonderful husband!

I am having pain in my pelvic region. I was walking around kroger today and the top of my thighs were hurting:/ not muscle pain but like the socket, if that's what you would say. I still have the pain where it feels like the top of my pelvis has cracked in two but its all manageable:) I don't want to sound like I am complaining because its nothing I cant handle!

I have a lot of braxton hicks. I don't remember having this many with Laney so early. I don't think anything else is new with my pregnancy. I am taking the glucose test on the tenth;/ I am NOT looking forward to that.

Laney got window crayons for Christmas from Grandpa and Me-Me (my dad and stepmom) They are really fun. Peek a boo Laney!

She wanted me to come check on her baby Meg that was driving her car:)

I will have Caleb take some better pictures soon:)

Have a sweet Wednesday!

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