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Friday, January 18, 2013


                       A day in the life of Mom and Laney

Got out of bed at 9:29

I set alarms so I would remember to take a picture every hour

Breakfast on the couch:)

10:29 We folded laundry. 
And wore undies on our head:)

11:29 a little mid morning lounge and snack:)

12:29 Laney painted a masterpiece while......

I prepared lunch


1:29 practiced putting shoes on (getting sleepy)

2:29 having MORE popcorn watching a show before nap time. She looooves my preggo pillow

3:29 Mommas going to sleep watching Bones of course

4:29 Asleep
5:29 We woke up and hopped in the car to pick Maddy up from volley ball practice

6:29 Hanging out with our favorite 13 year old aunt:)

7:29 dinner!

 I think if I do another day in the life I will just take pictures of the highlights of our day. So much happened in between those hours. But I didn't take pictures! It was fun but didn't really capture what we do in a day.

Have a super Friday night!

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