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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday Baby!

We have had a long sick week over here at the Christensen house. Bleh! Of course 8 A.M. on Calebs birthday I get sick. I had a few things planned just to make it special for him and I didn't get to do anything for him since I was sick in bed!!! Later that day Laney got sick.....on me. I felt nauseous all day and the second she got sick on me I turned into 'Mom stomach of steele' It was weird. But necessary because dad turned into 'dad stomach of pussy'. Two days later papa was sick.

I went in to crazy mode and disinfected everything! I don't know if its becuase I am pregnant but I feel like I have had to deal with so many gross things lately. I had to dig through the trash for something someone threw away, our main line got blocked again and sewage backed up into our laundry room, I had to dig food out of my sink tonight, and ya know the whole sick thing. I wont go into details its just been gross! I am ready for this gross phase of my life to slow down. I say slow down because it will never be over. That is just what being a homeowner and mom is about!

Besides all that grossness I did get to go out on a date with my step-sister and one of our friends on Wednesday and go to a Pacers game on Thursday:) My sister Maddy sang the national anthem. It was incredible!

She is destined for greatness:)

I hope this post wasn't too gross and uneventful! Well that's exactly what it was ha! Here is a picture of a freakishly cute girl to make it all better.

hehehe love her!!!!

Have a clean Sunday night!

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