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Monday, January 7, 2013

My best girl

My sweet little stinker is two and half! Her half birthday was on December 30. We didn't do anything special, I wanted to get a little cake for her but didn't end up getting one.

Some of the pictures I posted on IG but I had to share them here too!
Cutest kid ever. 

baby brothers new crib. She loves it. "Can we go look at baby broders crib" 

watercolors on her easel that Nonna got her. "can i be an artist?' translates to "can I paint?"

asdlfkjasodifjlk love this outfit. It was super comfy too! Her Grandpa and Me-Me got it for her in Arizona at Lucky! SO CUTE! She picked out the shoes. Girl has style

Playing sleepy sleeps in the crib while I got ready:) Silly girl

Stuff I don't want to forget
  • You are 35 inches tall
  • You love all of the snacky foods I love:) Salt and vinegar chips, pretzels, popcorn, soft pretzels. Mom is so proud :p It makes the pregnancy snacking easier when I have someone to share with.
  • (putting you to bed)
    L: "Momma?"
    Me: "yes baby"
    L: you whisper "good-night"
    Me: "good-night baby"
    L: "Momma?"
    Me: "yes baby"
    L: you whisper "i love you"
    Me: "i love you too sweetie"
    OYE!!!! I love it!! she started doing it with daddy too!
  • If anyone asks you are not two you are a girly
  • We have had some attitude issues lately. Screaming, demanding things, ya know two year old stuff. BUT I have been persistent and following through and she is acting so much better! I hate when I feel like all I am doing is correcting her behavior but it is paying off. 
  • You LOVE all of your toys you got for Christmas! 
  • She named her little tikes car rojo. 

I love you stink bug!

Have a super Monday Night!

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