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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New look

 So?! What do you think? I made some changes on my blog:) I got a new background and changed some things on the side bar. Also if you want to get an email notifying you that I posted you can put your email in  right up there ^. It is kind of hard to see but its right above where it says Wednesday January 16, 2013. Just put your email in, submit and it will send you an email confirming and just click on the link it tells you to!

I was going to do my 29 weeks post today but I forgot to have Caleb take pictures!

Lane and I planted some forget me nots today. It was the favor from my wedding a year and  half ago:) Do seeds stay good that long? We will find out! I finally took pictures with my camera instead of my phone and then I couldn't find the cord to upload them! arrg so I took pictures with my phone of the screen on my camera so they look like crap! I tried editing them (my hubs will be so proud) to try and make them look the best they could but I don't know how well I did:/
SUPA FUZZY This was the little kit, a soil pellet some seeds and a flower pot that Jen and I spray painted

 She did so well pouring the water in.

mixed it with a toothpick
It was still too dry so we added more water
 I planted the seeds since she lost interest after the water and mixing was done. She just wanted to pour more water in things and stir them up so her and dad made "milky shakes". Not really, just pretend.
I hung it on the back door because no where else gets much light! There was also no where else to put it where little fingers wouldn't try to play with it:) It says 7.9.11 under the yarn. They also were used as place cards at my wedding:) It was one of my favorite parts.

I hope you enjoy the new look to my blog! I have a few more changes I want to make and please tell me if anything is hard to read!

Have an outstanding night!

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