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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Last Day of NaBloPoMo!

I am sad it is the last day!!!! I am going to try posting every other day if not everyday. It has not been that hard and I hope I keep it interesting:) Well this is going to be a post of randoms becuase thats what I am good at!

Mah boobs are killing me!!!! No one told me stopping would be this painful!!! I am hoping they go down tomorrow but who knows that what I was saying yesterday :p She has been doing fine she was a little frustrated this morning because she was still sleepy.

My sisters, Laney and I made some puppy chow tonight, it was delicious! Lane loved it of course:)

At the church that I go to therapy at they have this Christmas tree that you are supposed to donate your old hats, scarfs or gloves to for charity so I bought these three dollar gloves and hat from Target yesterday and I am going to take it in tomorrow. I am also making some scarves from fleece that I had here to donate there as well:) It makes me feel so good to give!

Tomorrow is the first day of advent! I am going to make Laney a little ornament tonight to get out of her advent calender. I posted a picture here.

I might also make some stocking tonight too who knows I have a lot of gifts to work on its hard to figure out which one to work on first!

I tried to tone down on the exclamation points hehehe

taken and edited by Jenny:)

I love this picture! She was hanging an ornament back on the tree:) That dog under the tree was mine from Christmas of 2000! I wanted a dog and my parents got me a stuffed one hahaha

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog all month I am going to make an effort to keep on blogging!

Have a warm Wednesday night!

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