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Friday, September 2, 2011


Planless = no plans :) Today Laney and I have nothing to do.We are some busy girls and usually have a lot of stuff planned in our days but today we have nothing. I am enjoying it:)

Laney is a very smart cookie, today we were playing on the floor and she saw one of her medicine syringes and said "mecine" "mecine" and took me in the kitchen and tried to open the fridge where its kept!

I have about a million projects that I want to do and haven't started any of them....I really want to decorate Lanes room, I want to make her a bed skirt, put some stuff on the walls and get her a bookshelf. HOPEFULLY my dad will make her one:) My grandfather used to make us stuff and I loved it. 

I have this retro fabric I have and want to make a quilt! Also some pajama pants for Lane. Those are the main projects I want to complete first, I have many more that will just have to wait!

Of course I am not doing any of that while Laney is napping because I have to clean and do piles of laundry!

Seriously........I just looked at the date and its September 2.....I already broke my goal of blogging everyday grrrr oh well I am starting today! This one was kind of boring sorry!! I will make it more interesting tomorrow:) Have a lovely Friday

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