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Sunday, September 11, 2011


I didnt write pretty lame

Caleb and I went to the My Chemical Romance and Blink 182 concert last night and had a great time! We drank beer and danced:) We ran into some old friends and his brother and sister were there too! I have no pictures from before or anything but I did get a new camera!!! I love it!! I am still learning how to take good pictures and the different angles and everything but I will learn:) Caleb is much better than I am :p

We went on a walky walky tonight, she walked the neighborhood in her colts cheerleadeing outfit and purple flip flops... oh yes it was awesome!

When it comes to computers I am like an 80 year old woman.....I am trying to learn more because I hate that I don't know very much. I haven't been in school for a while and I have never owned my own laptop or used one very frequently sooo thats what im blaming my lack of knowledge on :p I took some pictures on our walk tonight but I am going to try some editing so they are going to have to wait until tomorrow! I will leave you with this silly one :)

  I pulled out her little pony and it was stuck in that cute little sprout on top of her head!

Have a good Sunday night!

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