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Friday, September 9, 2011


Its Friday:) weekends don't really mean much to me : / Caleb works every weekend so its just like any other day

I love this weather, I love having the windows open, and getting to wear my clothes I haven't seen in a few months, I was getting pretty bored of my summer clothes! I was bored with them all summer :p

Lane feeding herself:) she will eat the whole bowl all by herself! Its a little messy but not too bad:)

We had a good day today we watched my friend Jennifer's daughter today like we do every Tuesday and Friday:) Laney just loooooves the baby! She wants to kiss her and lay on her and show her where her eyes are.....we try to keep that one to a minimum :p She does get a little jealous when I feed her a bottle and wants to nurse. Its difficult but I have nursed Laney on one side and fed the baby a bottle on the other ha!

I am going to buy a camera tomorrow!!! It is a Finepix  4000 I don't know anything about cameras but it looks like what I want:) No more phone pictures!!!!!!!!!! yaaaaaaaayyyyy!! I cant wait I hate the way pictures look that I take on my phone!

I am gong to work on some projects! I will post finished pictures later!!

Have a good Friday night!

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JenniferD said...

I LOVE that you have nursed Lane & fed Kins a bottle at the same time!! You're super-woman! :-) I love you guys and am so grateful to have you watch Kins!