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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Walky Walky

Its Saturday! Woo Hoo!

This morning Laney and I went on a walk around our apartment complex:) We usually go on a walk everyday, she LOVES it. She will go up to the door and say "walky walky" and "shoeies shoeies". I let her lead the way on our walks and its nice to not feel like im always redirecting and just let her go where she wants to.

hehe I love this she was running at me to get my phone:)

girlfriend was on a mission

watching her shoes:) she loooooooves her shoes

showing her belly:) one of her favorite things hehe

Yesterday our complex replaced our faucets, showerheads and with high efficiency ones. When I heard that i thought they would be like a drippy facuet with not much water but they are amazing!!! Our old one was like a shower head you would find a a campsite it was HORRIBLE! But this one is amazing!!

Look at that thing!! I wish I had a picture of the old one it was pathetic! They also put CFL bulbs in our bathroom and it is SO bright and looks silly:)

I think that Maddy Laney and I are going to go to a lake house this weekend. The family that Jenny nanny's for  has a lake house and invited us up so I think we are going to go:)

Have a wonderful Saturday!

1 comment:

ninnifur said...

whoawee! That shower head is much better!!!

your baby is so freaking cute. love her shoeie picture :)