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Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I have not blogged in TWO days yikes! oh well what am I going to do about it now.

On Saturday Laney, Maddy and I went on a trip! The family that Jenny nannies for has a lake house and they invited us to go so we went:) It was the first time Laney was on a beach. It was pretty cool but the water was warm so she enjoyed it. She didnt like the sand on her hands so everytime she fell (which was a lot:)) she would try to stand up with her wrists until I stood her up hehe love her! I don't have any pictures yet but Jenny took some really cute ones:)

Laney went to bed at 5:40 was not on purpose she was exhausted between getting a new tooth and running around at the park she was done! I put her down for a nap and by seven I was going to wake her up but she was out, she didn't move at all so I am just letting her sleep. It feels weird though becuase I was not done for the day, I had expected to make dinner with her and play with her more. It just feels weird.....well we will be up early tomorrow morning:)

I feel like I have a million errands to run tommorw since Caleb doesnt go into work until four...

Well I am having trouble breathing so I'm going to go relax:(

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