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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Their once was a baby colts cheerleader.......

 her name was Laney and she was the most beautiful cheerleader in the whole world,

she loved to walky-walky so much she went everyday,

she would lead mommy and daddy all over the neighborhood,

sometimes her very favorite purple flip flops would fall off,

she played in puddles,
 a lot of puddles.....
 and pick flowers with daddy,

and return home when she is very sleepy to sleep in her flip flops :p

the end


ninnifur said...

Laney is the best cheerleader i know! Maybe if the colts had her cheering, they would have done better. :) She is so cute!!

I am obsessed with the fact that she loves those $3.00 flip flops I bought her. BEST NIECE EVER.

JenniferD said...

sooo cute!! Howie just got Kinsley a Colts cheerleader outfit a couple weeks ago! :-) She wore it Saturday when we visited his family. Maybe the girls should wear them together sometime?! It would be really cute! :-) See you tomorrow!