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Saturday, November 5, 2011

bye bye mullet!!!!!!!

oh sweet mullet,
You have been around since the day Laney was born. You were darker and shorter back then but you were definitely present. It was actually the pediatrician that saw it first. She was examining you (as you were screaming and giving me a heart attack) and she said "oh wow she has long hair down her back" it was so cute!

We have a had a good time sweet ol mullet from losing the top hair and just having the mullet down her back, which required a lot of headbands to try to hide that their was no hair up there to your bleach blonde full blown short on top loooong down her back.

One of my favorites:) white trash mullet baby:)

This was the other day:) We did not leave the house like this

Its pretty curly so you cant tell how long it really is

So mullet, it was time to go. And I am so glad Laney looks so cute with her new hair cut!

I love her curly bob!

and she got some new crocs!
Have a wonderful Saturday night!!!

1 comment:

Ciara said...

I loooove her new cut! Can't wait to see it!