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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Photo Challenge Sunday!

Hello! I am so excited about today's post! I have not read Ciara's yet but I am so excited to see her pictures!

1.Favorite Food

Pretzels are my all time favorite food. I know its ridiculous. and yes this is an empty bag, I couldn't help myself!


This is the best toothy smile I have ever seen (taken by my dad)

To me this picture screams happiness! I love that girl and I am so glad this moment was captured! (Taken by Jenny)

I love this picture:) I was looking out at my porch and I saw these three leaves in the water and they looked so lovely:) This picture is unedited

5.Morning Sky
So I cheated on this one.....It was not the morning it was one o'clock :( I took it today. I kept forgetting in the morning so I just snapped this one.

Yes I am a huge dork. My favorte is not in here (Harry Potter) But I looove me some Sookie Stackhouse novels and of course animal sounds!

7.Something Funny

hehehe this is Laneys first time riding the school bus!! She asked me over and over to get "in" and I never knew what to do and then the other day she took it into her own hands and got in!!

Have a stimulating Sunday night!! (my husband came up with that one)

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