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Friday, November 25, 2011

Life is goooood

I have spent the last few days with family and I absolutely love! My baby sister Maddy slept over Wednesday night and I saw my dads side of the family on thanksgiving, then last night Elisa spent the night and we hung out with Caleb's side of the family all say! I love everyone in his family! I wish we saw them more. I am can't wait for Christmas time to see Caleb's dad side of the family and everyone else! Now I just need to see my mom! She has been gone since Wednesday.

I am currently watching the office in BED eating pretzels and drinking a beer! Oh ya life is good!

I am posting on my phone because I am too lazy to sit at the computer right now. I am leaving you with a hilarious picture of my Lano!

Have an incredible Friday night!

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