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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Photo Challenge Sunday!!

I love posting on Sundays because I don't have to think about what to write it is already planned out!!! Go here to read Ciaras! I just read her post she is having technical difficulties so go read her old posts today and check it tomorrow for her photo challenge update!!

15. Technology
This is our apple tv thing. It has a lot of cool features but so far I have only used netflix and looking at my pictures from my iPhone. Go here to learn more:)

16. Animals

hehehe this is a squirrel:) if you didn't notice :p I took this on my nature walk with Jenny and I couldn't  help but use this hahaha its such a silly picture


This picture was taking in early July 2010:) My baby Lane was only a few weeks old in this picture:) This picture makes me so happy! She loved being slumped over my shoulder with pressure on her tummy. I love those little stick legs and how young Caleb looks even though this was not that long ago!

18.Something new
These little cuties are ornaments that I bought at crate and barrel for Jenny and I. They are recycled tin so they are very sturdy. Laney was trying to eat one today..... haha I love that goof ball!

19. Best Friend
My husband Caleb! He is my best friend in the world! I can tell him anything and I am most comfortable with him:) He is the sweetest kindest guy I know and he loves me so much!

This is my new advent calender! I got it at Target and I am so excited to fill it with goodies for Laney!

21.Where you sleep

This is my bed:) It is boring and needs some work! We have blue sheets and a white duvet. With good ol' Marylin above our bed:) We use really squishy pillows so they dont look the best in pictures

Have a safe Sunday night!

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