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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thursday randoms

Hello Thursday! Tonight my mom, Caleb and I are going to watch my mother in law in her play:) I am really excited, I have never seen her act but everyone says she is really good!

I am attempting to post on my phone since I have lots of pictures on here that I want to upload and I don't want them to be fuzzy! It's actually more comfortable I am usually slumped in a chair, but right now I am laying on the couch:) Yes I need a lap top!

Yesterday I made Laney some pajama pants from a pair that my cousins gave to us

Mini version!!! please ignore my stuffed blankets!!!
Meet Charlotte, my old bitty baby and Laneys new Charlotte!!!! We brought her home from my moms house and Laney said something like Charlotte so I went with it:) Today she asked me to put a diaper on her and she burps and feeds her:) She is such a good mommy:)

Have an exciting Thursday evening!

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