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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Photo Challenge Sundays:)

Its photo Challenge Sunday! Here are my photos 8-14! Go here to see Ciaras photos from this week!

8. Favorite Color
Pink!!! I used to say it was green (I really do love green) but my eye is always drawn to pink if I see anything pink I want it. I have a pink trash can :p If I could I would have everything pink, but my husband would not be very happy:( This is wrapping paper
9.Inspiring person
My mother inspires me! She is an incredible person/mother/daughter/friend. She would do anything for her family! I didn't notice how much she does for us until I became a mother myself and it really opened my eyes. She always put her children first and that is so important to me. I love how hard she worked to make sure that we were all happy. Even when I rebelled she worked even harder to get me to realize that I was a good person. I am so grateful for everything she has done for me and I am so incredibly inspired by her strength. 

I took this picture on my nature walk with Jenny:) It is from Holiday Park!

11.Something Old
This calender belonged to my grandmother Macca. She bought it in 1975. This hung in her house when I was a little girl and I absolutely loved it! She told me she was going to give it to goodwill so I took it off her hands:)

Miss. Lanes adorable hands! I took this last night while she was eating :p I said can I take a picture of your hands? and she started rubbing them together saying "lotion!" haha that's what she is saying in this picture:)

13.Written Words
This is fabric that I painted and wrote on :) I took a class by Alisa Burke and this was one of her techniques, I think I might make a tote out of it. The words are from 'The other Boleyn girl':)

hehehe  this was from last weekend Laney was running around in Jennys old ballet slippers and I wanted to get a picture but you know how exciting ballet slippers are:) she couldn't stand still!

Have a tremendous Sunday night!

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