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Friday, November 4, 2011

10 things you may not know about me

Im sure that all of you know these things though becuase all of my readers are my family.....hehe oh well enjoy!!

1. I am a natural blonde. I am not a fan of my natural blonde because its kind of ashy so I get highlights to make it more white but nonetheless I am a natural blonde

2. I have a skin condition called psoriasis. It is when the skin cells rise to the surface too soon. Its really odd and gross and usually happens where their is trauma to the skin. When I got a tattoo on my back the whole thing was covered in psoriasis...not so awesome. But I will get it on my elbows since those get bumped a lot or where my bra hits my skin. It also covers my scalp too. I don't have it very bad at all, some people get it on their hands and face:( I am very grateful for my tiny flare ups that I have.

3. I am 1/4 mexican:)
My Grandfather who is full mexican

My dad who is 1/2

Me! I am 1/4 and my sexy husband is German and danish I think :p

And my sweet Laney who is 1/8 :)

4.I like to knit. When I was in high school my mom and I were not very close and she wanted to do something that was just ours so she signed us up for a knitting class! I loved it! I loved spending time with her and all the other knitting ladies and we would just knit and talk. The ladies were much older than my mom and I but it was still really fun!

5. I have an addiction to pretzels. I am not joking it is a terrible addiction like think about them all day if I don't have them kind of bad!

6. I used to be a gymnast. Before I got pregnant I could still do a back handspring. I might still be able to I just haven't tried:)

7. I am madly in love with my husband and daugther. oh wait you already knew that?!? shoot

8.I prefer beer over any alchoholic beverages but I rarely drink and never get drunk. I cannot function with a hangover and now that I am a mommy I have to function at 7:00 in the morning so that = no drunky for me :p

9. I have a really hard time with knew, new, know, now. It is just not wired in my brain correctly. I have to really think about it before I write it. and the most pathetic thing is that when idk became a thing it really helped me because i know that that means "i dont know" and it has a "k" ha silly brain!

10. I hate milk and always have and have never broken a bone!

Im sorry those got kind of lame at the end......Its hard to think of ten things about yourself that people might find interesting haha or maybe I am just really boring :p

Have an incredible Friday night!


Shareen said...

Your list is sooooo cute!!! My favorite is number 9. I love the way your brain works.
xoxo, JuJu

Katy said...

Haha Thanks!!!! I am so glad you read my blog!!!