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Wednesday, November 2, 2011


hello everyone:)
I am off to a good start day two post two. This is better than my September goal of blogging everyday. I ended up only posting 14 times! laaaame Today was a wonderful day:) I got to sleep in until nine and it felt amazing! Laney got to run up to Calebs work with him (did I mention he manages a pizza place?) she looooved it! One of the guys gave her a dough ball to play with and she was so excited to show me when she got home! Girlfriend loves her daddy:)

My cousin Ciara and her baby came over today and the girls got to play. It was so cute they are both really funny babies:) ok maybe they are not babies anymore but I still like to call them that:)

I got my hair done tonight, I always feel so much better when I get my hair highligted! I also got some bangs too!

wow I have no idea why that picture is so fuzzy but you get the idea of what I look like:) nice and blonde and some cute little bangs:)

Have an amazing Wednesday night!!

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Ciara said...

Cute!! Love the hair! We will make it through nablopomo!! Even if we have to push each other!! Hahahhaha we had fun today, we need to make it a habit! :)