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Monday, November 28, 2011

Sad sad day

I stopped nursing today......I thought I would be more upset than I am. I told her last night when we were nursing that it was our last time and that we were not going to nurse tomorrow. This morning when we always nurse in bed we just got up and didn't lay in bed at all. It was hard she was really upset, she only asked a couple of times and I just redirected our attention to something else. We ate yogurt standing up because if I sat down she would try to nurse. Then we took a shower and I wore a bikini top. One she wakes up all the way she is fine. It will just be an adjustment for her :( I hope tomorrow goes better, we will have Kinsley so she will be a good distraction.

Caleb was reading my blog yesterday and suggested that I use less exclamation points hahahaha ya he is right :) I use way too many! <----- first one this post! 
I love this picture! she looks so cute with her little boots and hat! Jennifer and Howie bought Laney this hat:) They are so sweet to us! I am so glad to have such good friends:)
I have been craving a fireplace so my sweet sweet husband got me one hahahaha Its a ps3 background:)

Laney and I made no bake cookies last night and she  cant get enough of them! She absolutly loves them! I let her stand on a chair at the counter while I made them and I spilled a little cocoa on the counter and she ate it up:) she was very busy trying to eat the cocoa off of the counter:p I love that girl! She has started saying "doing?" aahhh its my favorite! I cant believe how smart she is. We can communicate really well:)

Have a lovely Monday  night:)

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