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Sunday, November 4, 2012

How I potty trained:)

For today's post I thought I would talk about how I potty trained Laney. Before i started training I read a post on Pinterest about potty training and it gave me some new perspective on training. Hopefully this will help someone! I am NO expert! This is just what worked for Laney.

I started potty training on a Monday, I took her diaper off right when she woke up but we didn't talk about it. I have found when I say stuff like "let's take off your diaper" she would say no and make a big deal about it. If I just did it she was totally fine. (This is just how Lane works your child could be completely different) I kept her pants off all day. I might do it differently next time because when they have an accident when naked it goes on the floor but when they have undies and pants on it soaks up in the pants and is more uncomfortable for them so they won't want it to happen again!

I didn't ask her If she had to go potty . Not once! It was so hard but I watched her like a hawk the whole day and she went a teeny bit and ran up to me so I sat her on her little potty and she went! She held it until 1pm it was crazy. Then it was nap time so i put a diaper on her and took it off right when she woke up. The only other time she peed that day was on the floor:/ Accidents are going to happen quite a bit the first week and its very discouraging but do not let them know that you are getting frustrated. Once we started using the big potty with the adapter she was much more excited. By the end of the week she was telling me she had to go! We went to Chicago a few weeks ago and we did have some accidents then but since then we have been accident free! It takes patience and persistence. The only time I put a diaper on her was nap time and bedtime. We didn't leave the house much that week and when we did I kept her in undies. She never had an accident outside the house, but I kept the little potty in the car just in case she needed it.

I hope this helps somebody! It might not work for everyone but this is what worked for us!

Have a positive Sunday!

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ninnifur said...

I'm so proud of both of you! Potty training seems HARD! At least now you know she will go potty with other people now that I've taken her! lol