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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

20 Weeks!!!

I am twenty weeks today:)

Baby is the size of a banana

I cant believe we find out tomorrow. I have been trying not think about it so I don't get too anxious waiting but I am freaking out now! I cant believe it! I think it is a boy and Caleb thinks its a girl SO one of us will be right:)

We both will be so happy no matter what. I am just hoping that everything looks good! With Laney I had no idea that anything could be wrong ha so naive. Turns out she is perfect BUT at my ultrasound at 18 weeks they told me that one of her kidneys wasn't emptying i think. I cant even remember now because I just put it out of my mind once she was born and everything was ok! They also told me that she might be down syndrome because her first and second toe were too far apart.....Her toes are normal.

I also bawled my eyes out when I had my US with Laney. They were happy tears, I had no idea that they just put the thing on my belly and it look so much like a baby haha! So I was in disbelief that I could see my baby girl.

Nothing has changed since I updated last week. I am in more pain this time than I was with L. Like standing on one leg to put my socks on hurts my pelvis. Its weird.

Well I will update tomorrow with what this little pumpkin is!!!!

Have a calming Wednesday night:)

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