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Monday, November 19, 2012

La tree is up

I found our base for a real tree today and did some serious work to get it to fit our fake tree:) 

 We had to move the furniture all around to find a spot to put the tree:) I like what we finally decided on. That is NOT our tree skirt it is just the fabric I will be making the skirt out of. You can tell someone was playing with the tree, their are a few ornaments plucked from the tree:)

I made two more ornaments for Laneys advent calender! I am not crazy about the gift. I dont love the colors or the bow but Laney really liked so that is all that matters!! I really love how the candy cane turned out!

I finished Laneys Thanksgiving dress tonight and she LOVES it!! I will post pictures tomorrow once its pressed:)

have a festive Monday night!

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