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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Sewing FAIL

Yesterday I started sewing a slip cover for my loveseat? I dont know what it is called its smaller than a love seat a chair-ish sort of thing. It started well Jenny was helping me and we tucked and pinned and basted the basting took forever!!!!! I worked on it all last night and today Caleb took Laney to Jets with him to sort out a few things and I started working on it again. I finished basting and it was time to take it off and start sewing on the machine........ well I tried taking it off and it was stuck......

I had it pinned snug around the arm but where the red line is is a lot smaller than the blue line....I didnt think about that and when I tried to pull it off it was stuck......I was getting really upset. It busted open while I was trying to pull it off.
This is the blasted couch-chair thing. I dont know what to do with it. I am really grateful that my dad and step mom gave me these couches but they are NOT my style at all! I cant stand how busy they are. I wanted them to be white:( any suggestions? I realize I could cut a larger piece for the arm rest. I got really frustrated with it and trying to sew it so I put it behind the couch and cleaned up! I think I was getting upset also because I really needed to be doing a thousand other things but instead I was working/failing at making a slipcover.

This is where it resides now. I may pick it up later and try again.

Have a dreamy Thursday night.

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ninnifur said...

we WILL pick it up later and try again!!!! We can totes do it... I have faith in us :)