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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Mucho better

I feel so much better today! I am awake and alert! Laney and I have already done so much. We went to wal-mart this morning to get some more of our house keys made, we looked at some toys too that I think Santa might bring:)

We got the house cleaned and the floors swept. Well I did that. AND finished one of my Christmas projects I have been working on!

I started this post earlier:) Now it is almost nine and I have finished two projects!!! yaaay I feel so good about what I got done today!

 This is the "angel" I made Laney yesterday that I think looks like a monster hehe its the smile, it looks like she has monster teeth
 I really like this one:)
 This little tree has taken me forever to finish! I don't like the color of the green balls in this picture. I don't love it as much as I thought I would. I think if I did it again I would use the same size bals or maybe just not the larger ones. It looks a little lumpy. I love my advent calender back there though:)
 I made this tree skirt tonight!!! Dont mind the tinsel hanging down on it. This project was free!! Thank goodness I spent a lot of money on felt last year and did nothing with it :p I just cut out a circle of red felt then lined it up on the white and cut around it to make border and hot glued them together. this photo makes it look pretty lumpy and not symmetrical but it looks better in person :) I cut the top circle too big so I added a white circle so you couldn't see the base
 Eating a cookie behind the tree talking to Alfalfa dad

Have a festive Tuesday night!

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