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Friday, November 16, 2012

Pizza Parlor!

I have a few episodes on my phone of Blues Clues for Lane while we drive and stuff. One of the episodes they are pretending to go to school and at the end they go to a pizza parlor. Well Laney loves it and talks about going to a pizza parlor all the time and making a pizza. SOOO since her dad runs a "pizza parlor" we decided to go in and make one!!

 She got to play with dough and put all of the toppings on it was the BEST!
Laney and Dad:) she was in freaking heaven. they put it in together and got to watch it come out, then she picked out the box:)

This was in carpool line picking up aunt Maddy:) She loves wearing glasses! She also just found out that Nonna (my mom) is a teacher. Second greatest moment of her life. My mom had to leave tonight and she said to me  "our teacher had to go home" hahaha she loves it! 

Have a splendid Friday night!

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