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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Saturday Randoms

I like doing the randoms posts:) Sometimes I just have lots of thoughts and not a whole post to write them about:)

  • I can feel this baby kicking! It feels totally different than Laney. Its not like the flutters its real kicks its crazy.
  • My grandma got me a delicious candle from Bath and Body Works. I am obsessed with it. I have the fresh balsam and she has the winter night. YUM Winter Night smells like a gum drop. I just looked at the website and I want all of the candles. Especially the Peppermint!!


  • My sister downloaded my Silhouette back on my computer and I have been buying every Christmas related cut out they have! Yikes im addicted! 
  • Laney is so excited for Christmas. We go to Menards just to hang out in their Christmas section, they have it set up so cool with the lights dim and all the trees are light up. We call it the winter wonderland:p We went to Target today to check out how their winter wonderland was and they have super cute ornaments but all of the trees are up on tables so it wasn't as whimsical:)

photo by Caleb

photo by Caleb

photo by Caleb
  • This is all set up inside the store so its warm! Its hard for me to enjoy doing outdoor things in the winter because I am a huge baby when it comes to being cold!! Jenny bought me some hand warmers last year for Christmas so they should help this year! 
  • I feel like this post is ending up to be all about Christmas.....i'm totally fine with that
  • Psych season six is on Netflix. I highly recommend it!

    Welp those are my random thoughts;)

    Have a wonderful Saturday night.

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