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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Toddler Fun!

I almost forgot to post today! I usually think about it during the day, like what I am going to write about but I didn't think about it once! I got on my reader and saw Ciaras blog and remembered. oops 

I have been on Pintrest more lately and my favorite categories are Kids and Crafts:) I found this bathtub paint on there. It just so happens that it came from a book that we own! The book was a hand me down from Calebs aunt and I thought that the activities were too old for Laney right now so I didn't read it.

 You just add food coloring to shaving cream and mix it around! The brushes I got were kitchen basting brushes. You can use any paintbrush. We decided we wanted to do this at like seven p.m. so we ran up to CVS and bought shaving cream and those were the only brushes they had!
 Everything I read suggested doing it during the bath but I didn't want to color the water or have her bathing in shaving cream so she painted first for a while and then we took a shower and just rinsed it off the walls. It did not leave any color on the walls. It did leave color on her skin but after I turned the shower on it rinsed right off. I suggest showering after you do this!

 We did it again while I had the shower on and I just made red 'paint', It worked fine but a little water retains in our shower right now and the water was red the whole time. I don't think it made our feet red (i didn't notice if it did) but it was weird having red water in the tub!

  Sleeping under her tree with felt blankies and 'gold doubloons" (pom-poms).

I found this tree idea on pintrest too:) I LOVE it! I didn't have a big enough piece of green felt to make the whole tree so I just cut out two halves and sewed them together. Laney loves it too!
 Their are so many cute ideas you could do with this. I just did ball ornaments, a few lights and a candy cane:) You could do gingerbread men or snowman cutouts. I don't have very much felt right now since I am using it for her advent calender but if I did I would make more ornaments:) I highly recommend this for the littles and its super inexpensive. The cheapo felt is .34 at Joanns and the nice felt by the yard is like $7.99 a yard which is way more than you would need AND joanns always has super coupons and the fabric is always on sale. I had purchased all of my felt last year so this project was free for me!
I love how she lined them up! She played under it all night it was so sweet:) It is now in the dining room and no longer crooked:) ha! OH I hung it up with tape and I don't know how long that will last. I think I am going to get those command strips.

Have a crafty Sunday night!

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Shareen said...

What a lucky baby girl! Very clever and fun ideas.