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Saturday, November 17, 2012


I am up before everyone else today:) I usually am but I stay in bed until Laney wakes up:) I have the craziest dreams EVERY night and by the time seven or eight roll around I am done with the dreams and would rather be awake:)

Baby boy is up with me just squirming around in my belly:) I know I talk about his movement a lot but seriously this is crazy. He is strong already. Yikes.

We might be putting our tree up today:) we haven't decided yet! I like to wait until after Thanksgiving so maybe we will. I would have to wait until the Sunday after for Caleb to be home long enough to put it long!

Well I will finish this post later tonight!

Ok I'm back:) it's been exactly 12 hours since I started this post. Weird!
We opened up the box to put the tree up and we are missing a piece! I bought the tree after Christmas last year and never opened it! I'm pretty upset but we emailed the company so we should be getting the piece. It is for the base of the tree to stand up so we can't really get around it:/ if it doesn't come in by next Saturday I might buy a regular base and try to put it up that way:) I really want my tree up!

I am going to watch a movie and paint my nails! Hope you enjoyed the random post that tool all day:)
I do have something fun to show tomorrow but I need my compute to post:)

Have a warm Saturday night!

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