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Thursday, November 29, 2012


I have not worked out in a looong time! I know its bad. Before I got pregnant I went walk/jogging a few times but since then I haven't done anything!! I feel VERY weak and my back is getting achy. So I pulled out my prenatal yoga DVD and did it tonight for the first time this whole pregnancy. It was not easy but it feels so good! My back feels so much better! Right when I started and we were just doing the warm up stretches I could already feel a difference. I hope I can keep up with it! I was only ten minutes in and it felt like a half hour hahaha! I am so out of shape! I did cut it a little short because I started feeling nauseous  I feel like I am so fragile and I hate it! I think it is because I am so out of shape. The other day I was trying to carry stuff out to the garage and my heart was racing and I got dizzy. RIDICULOUS!! I have got to change that.

My sister Jenny made this tree skirt!! I love it! I think it is so pretty! You cant really tell in this picture but it is HUGE!! She started on Monday and finished today! I don't know how many hours she worked on it but every time I talked to her she was working on a lot! This is the text she sent me today after she finished "Even though it was insane and I lost a few hours of my life and burned my thumbs 8 million times... I'm still glad I made it! I love it!" hahaha I love her:)

Have a sweet Thursday night!

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