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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

19 weeks!

I am 19 weeks today!

We find out what we are having in one week! November 15:)

I have been eating a lot of cheez-it's and chips! Bad bad momma

I am still napping with Laney. I skipped nap today so I could hang out with Jenny and I am so glad I did but I started feeling sick around 6:30. I don't think I will skip nap everyday but sometimes I will:)

I can feel baby move:) he/she moves quite a bit!

Laney calls the baby's room the owls room. She has an owl pillow she plays with but I'm not sure why it's his room:p BUT it gave me the idea of doing a cute little woodland animal theme! It would work for a boy or girl. I would do it differently depending on the sex but I really love the idea!

We are keeping names a secret:) I take my family's opinions VERY seriously so I would rather not know if they hate the names I love!

Sleeping is still comfortable even though I'm not supposed to be on my back I wake up that way a lot!

Most parts of my body are growing but one part has grown three cup sizes *ahem* they are awesome:) I wish they would stay this way forever! One day they will ;)

Have a crazy Wednesday night ;)

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LindzKay said...

Aww...I love your baby bump :) I totally understand about keeping the names a secret, it's a lot harder for anyone to question your name choice with you when they are holding a cute little baby in their arms ;)