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Friday, November 9, 2012

Christmas crafts!

Laney is having a sleepover this weekend with one of her grandmas so I have the night to myself! I have been trying to find good crafts to do since I don't usually have a stretch of time like that to myself and I want to fill it with something I enjoy and not cleaning and organizing which is what I should do. I really want to have a lot of Christmas decor this year since it is Laneys favorite thing to go places and see there 'Christmas Wonderland'. I was browsing Pintrest today and this are some of the things I found that look interesting!

I love this little nativity scene!
I will be making this!
I love the stairs!!
Love these carolers!
I want two of these for my grandma!

Have a crafty Friday!

1 comment:

ninnifur said...

I love all of those crafts!!!! I especially love the garland on the stairs :) you should do that on yours!! I'm jealous that you have stairs! hahah.