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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I Voted!!

I voted today:) I stood in line for a little over an hour but I had Jenny and Laney there to keep me distracted:) I am having trouble concentrating right now! I am watching the news and it is so close its killing me!!! I remember watching the election back when George W. Bush was elected. My parents traced out the United States on a poster board and we colored in the states as we found out:) For some reason I remember watching it on our tv in the kitchen....It was a big tv that was built into the wall (coolest thing EVER).

WOO HOO!! I was a little sleepy today and you can tell!
Our little voting buddy! She did so well especially without a nap!

I made another ornament for the advent calender:) I really like this one. Drawing a stocking is a pain in the ass I ended up tracing one from a book and it still looks a little odd. This was also my first time doing the blanket stitch which I am pleased with:) I started on the top right side (obviously) but I got better towards the end!

I am so tired but I feel like I should wait and find out who the President is! I don't think I can:/

Have a wonderful Tuesday night

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