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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Mah baby

I have to write a few things down that Laney had been saying and doing lately becuase I just dont want to forget! They are so darn funny!

Police offer (Police Officer) She calls the police offer on her phone all the time haha

Woofeee (Woopee)

I have so many nicknames from her
-Mommy octopus
-Mommy duck
-Mommy Umi friend
She knows it makes me melt when she calls me these things, and I of course call her 'baby' whatever she said back to her:)

She loves to pretend to be my baby:)

One of her favorite games is to pretend to sleep! I have to make sure not to play that in the morning or mom gets a little too comfortable :)

When she wants something to drink she asks for pink lemonade, but it doesn't matter what it is. It can be water and she still drinks it.

She is absolutely  a two year old. If I say no to something she loses it. Crying on the floor. The other day she asked for something and I said Yes and started to make a whiny noise and then realized I said yes. ha! goof ball!

Her reeses ornament that she picked out at Target is Pixie Dust. I have no explanation for that one. And if there are multiples of anything roundish they are gold doubloons.

She has an insane memory and capability to retain information. I don't let her watch too much T.V. but she can spout facts about animals from Diego like its her job! She remembers most of the Spanish words the teach on Dora and Diego too! She will go around speaking her Spanish I looove it!  Maybe this is normal behavior, I am very impressed with her though:)

She loves the song Call me Maybe.

I am so glad I got this list down! I want to be able to look back and read this. Especially since I have a terrible memory! If I remember more I will add to the list:)

Have a SAFE Wednesday night!

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