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Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween Decor

I realize we are now in November but I never posted my decorations this year for Halloween! Now I am second guessing myself!! I hope I havent posted these already! If I have sorry for the repeating myself. (I have been playing games working on my memory :p obviously it needs work)

This is my spider web!! I never got around to making a spider to go with it! Lame... It made a fun background for my pictures this past month:) I will be sad to see him go

This project was a lot of fun! I bought the frames at the dollar store, painted them orange and since we had to get a new hardrive for our computer I didn't have my silhouette downloaded on the computer and had to cut all of these guys out by hand. So old fashioned of me.

I found the idea for the garland from MADE. She is pretty fantastic! I hope you enjoyed my decorations. It wasn't much but I really love them:)

Have a beautiful Friday night!

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