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Monday, November 5, 2012

November 5

It is the 5th day of NaBloPoMo:) Ciara and I have not missed a post yet:) I am very proud of us. Tomorrow is election day!!! I just found out that I am registered and where to go so it turns out I am voting! I was feeling pretty bad that I wasn't going to. My hubs is registered too so I am going to make him go:) I have kept who I am voting for off of everything! I dont 'like' any of the stuff on Facebook that pops up and I am not going to make status's to shove it in your face. Their are always going to be democrats and their are always going to be republicans so deal with it! Too much.....should I stop?.......OK.

 Last Christmas I started making ornaments for an advent calender for Laney but I only made like four of them. So I am starting really early to make sure I get them done! Last night I made her a snowflake:)

It was very simple I got the idea from a book I took from my moms house:) It has stuffing in it so it is fluffy!

 I cut out these gorgeous leaves from my Silhouette today:) I LOVE that thing!

I made this pine cone with my Silhouette too! I want to make more of these for sure! I didn't have any pliers so that wire looks realy odd just ignore that part :p

I think I replaced my exclamation point addiction with a smiley face addiction :/
I am trying to get Laney on an earlier bedtime schedule. She was pushing 10:00 some nights! Then she wouldn't wake up until 10. I love that my girl sleeps for 12 hours at night BUT 10pm is way too late for a two year old and waking up at 10am barely gives us a day with dad when he is home in the morning! SO daylight savings has helped a lot but I just put her down 25 mins ago and I thought she was asleep. nope. I can hear her talking now ha! Hopefully she will go to sleep soon. She wont get out of her bed which is AWESOME!

Ok I am just rambling now.....Hope you enjoyed another completely random post!

Have a peaceful Monday night.

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ninnifur said...

I love your random posts!!! I had to stifle a laugh at the pinecone wire!!! Justin is doing homework on the other side of the couch so I really had to hold that laugh in!!!! Good luck with the bedtime!!

OH I want some of those leaves! SO FREAKING PRETTY!