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Sunday, November 11, 2012

So tonight was my night that I had planned to do my Christmas crafts and I just got home. Its almost nine and I am already ready for bed! I didn't have my house key so I had to wait for Caleb to get off work to go home. I did get to go out with my dad and step-mom who I never see so that was nice.

Maybe I will wake up and clean tomorrow just so I have something to show.

  • Maddy had a showcase today (for singing) and she sang a really sad song:( I had never heard it before. It is called Ronan by Taylor Swift. Needless to say I sobbed before she even started singing HA! I will have to post a video of her soon she is amazing!!!
  • We have been painting the dining room and kitchen so I will post pictures soon
Lets end this annoying, whiny, random post with some freakishly cute pictures of Laney and Kinsley from March or April I cant remember!
 mean muggin Kins

Have a sweet dreamy Sunday night. 

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JenniferD said...

I am at work catching up on your blog since I am out of work right now. Looking at these pictures, now I'm in tears because Kinsley has grown up so quickly. I feel like I am starting to forget some things & have missed a lot of her 'growing up'. I'm so mad at myself for not documenting more of her milestones & haven't taken more pictures... from here on out, you better believe I will be taking a lot more pictures! :-) I will always be so grateful to you for acting as a 2nd mommy to Kinsley! I love you!