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Monday, November 26, 2012

out of it

I am so out of it today!!! I was just laying here watching extreme couponing  with the coumpter on my lap for an hour!! I completly forgot that I had it open to write a post.... I have no idea whats wrong with me today but I felt very quiet. Not sad. Not mad. Just quiet today. Super mellow, I didnt have any coffee today so that could be a factor.

Ok. I am watching extreme couponing and I think these people are addicted to it. It is a little freaky. I dont understand why they need so much stuff. I hope that people donate a lot of this stuff to charity because most of it would go bad before a normal size family could go through all of it. It takes hours to go through it all and check out. one woman was there for 5 hours. No thank you. That is just silly. One woman did 18 different transactions!

ok done with my bitching. Well maybe. I made two more ornaments for Laney and I am only at nine!!! OYE!!!

photo by Jenny Pritchard

This is a better picture of her dress:) and the cutest picture of Laney EVER! I love this sweet girl so much:) She brings my life so much joy:)

Have a great night

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